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    POLARIS-II Multifunctional Skin Rejuvenation Device

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    Aging skin and acne-prone skin need special treatment and care. POLARIS-II is like no other skin care device or beauty treatment you've ever used.

    Combining the patented Ultra Pulse and MFIP technology with a selection of expert anti-aging technologies, POLARIS-II promotes blood circulation, aids lymphatic drainage, and boosts collagen production resulting in a firmer, visibly plumper, and healthier-looking complexion.

    This device also targets periorbital wrinkles and will treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

    Painless and easy to use, POLARIS-II will quickly help you achieve clear, beautiful, younger, and healthy-looking skin all from the comfort of your home.

    Clear your vanity of clutter, since this all-in-one device can be used on all skin types to diminish the look of lines, wrinkles, or acne, depending on your skin's unique needs.


    POLARIS-II harnesses a selection of advanced, non-invasive anti-aging technologies such as a combination of LED light (Light Emitting Diode), RF (Radio Frequency) ultrasonic, EMS micro-current, and Mid-Frequency Interval Pulse (MFIP) + Ultra Pulse (UP).

    RF (Radio Frequency) works by warming up your skin to boost its metabolism and elasticity. As the dermis layer is heated up, collagen fibers are rebuilt and the skin is tightened.

    Blood circulation is also improved, meaning additional skincare products are absorbed much better.

    EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is used to stimulate your facial muscles, contributing to the skin-tightening effect and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

    The device boasts a specialist EMS button, designed for daily use, to tighten and restore your skin’s look.

    Three different types of LED light are combined with 5 modes to tackle a variety of skin problems.

    Red light enhances metabolism and reduces fine lines. Greenlight brightens your skin's radiance and natural glow. Blue light reduces acne and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    When used together, the lights work to repair and promote healthy skin growth.

    POLARIS-II also uses Mid-Frequency Interval Pulse (MFIP) + Ultra Pulse (UP). This microcurrent treatment delivers gentle pulses into the skin's cells to boost circulation, tighten facial muscles and stimulate metabolism.

    The dynamic treatment head moves freely in all directions, paired with the device's large surface area of 9 electrodes, you can easily treat every area of your face.

    The electrodes are made of 24K gold-Plated powerful element that improves signs of aging supports collagen production and increases hydration.


    • Tackles signs of aging, breakouts, or pigmentation

    • Promote blood circulation and the flow of ions in the skin

    • Stimulates collagen regeneration

    • Deep cleansing & shrinking facial pores

    • Lifting and tightening facial skin

    • Improves skin's definition, tone, and texture

    • Stimulates skin for firmer, visibly plumper, and healthier-looking complexion

    • Boosts its metabolism and elasticity of the skin

    • Makes skincare products absorb better

    • Reduces acne and has an anti-inflammatory effect

    • Eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, and skin imperfections

    • Promotes detoxification and lymphatic drainage

    • Easily shapes a perfect oval face

    • Painless, 100% safe, and non-invasive 


    Step 1:

    Once a week, use the MFIP/UP mode or Radio Frequency setting. Apply your favorite serum to your face and massage it with the device - working along the jawline to your ear and then downwards.

    Step 2:

    Move the device in an upwards motion from your jaw to your temple. Then, move the device from the bottom of your nose to your temple, and then from your eye to your temple.

    Step 3:

    Finish above your eyebrows, gently working upwards towards your hairline.

    For Daily Use:

    Select the EMS model and apply the conductive massage gel. Place the device in the targeted area for 3 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times.


    • 1x POLARIS-II
    • 1x USB Type-C Charging Cable
    • 1x Users Manual


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