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    About Halipax

    Solidly founded on ethically based, scientific medical research and innovative state of the art, technical design and development, Halipax is quickly becoming a world-leading brand in the design, development, manufacture, and supply of the very best professional quality standard pain management and relief equipment for use by industry professionals and private users around the world.

    Launched in the United States in 2018 by Cyber Informatics LLC, an incorporated corporation under the laws of the United States of America with corresponding offices in Australia and manufacturing facilities abroad.

    From the very outset Halipax management decided that to secure maximum exposure and distribution of its wide range of products, the entire operation would adopt an online marketing strategy exclusively.

    This approach has proven to be extremely timely in the face of the impact Covid19 is having on world trade. Customers from all walks of life and from anywhere around the world can connect with Halipax online at any time and secure the best possible solution for their particular requirements at the most reasonable cost.

    At all times, the clients of Halipax are assured of the very best service before and after-sales and 24/7 customer service, Halipax products are purchased with ease and peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that the equipment they have chosen for their particular situation will be the very best product in terms of design, and efficiency to achieve the desired result.

    The ever-expanding client base of Halipax is a clear testament to its ethics and positive assurance of the longevity and continuing success of our organization and brand.

    We look forward to being of service to you.

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