Hyper-Release Pro Rapid Release Therapy Device
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    Hyper-Release Pro Rapid Release Therapy Device

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    Experience Next-Level Muscle Relief with Hyper Release Pro!

    Introducing the Hyper-Release Pro, a cutting-edge therapeutic and exceptionally powerful and versatile high-speed vibration therapy device that revolutionizes full body pain relief and accelerates recovery.

    Hyper-Release Pro Rapid Release Therapy Device

    Engineered by Rapid Release Technology, the Hyper-Release Pro is designed to provide quick and effective full-body pain relief.

    Hyper-Release Pro Rapid Release Therapy Device

    Hyper-Release Pro is powerful, versatile, portable, lightweight, and maneuverable. It is a professional, therapeutic, medical device that more and more professionals rely on daily for better patient results!

    With its innovative features, this professional massager stands out as a trusted leader in health and wellness delivering professional-grade results in the comfort of your own space.

    The Hyper-Release Pro stimulates rapid muscle contraction and relaxation, enhancing flexibility and joint range of motion. This makes it ideal for athletes and those with limited mobility. 

    It effectively addresses various issues, including shoulder pathologies, tennis/golf elbow, muscular back pain, thigh problems, calf pain, and heel conditions like Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, through the promotion of muscle relaxation.

    Hyper-Release Pro Rapid Release Therapy Device


    The Hyper Release Pro offers numerous benefits, including the relief of minor or acute aches and pains while simultaneously relaxing muscles.

    Its effects are often immediate and tend to last longer compared to regular massage. Additionally, the vibration of the device effectively closes the "pain gates" of the nervous system, resulting in an analgesic effect.

    As a result, the procedure is typically painless, unlike traditional massage, where applying pressure to tender muscles can be uncomfortable. Even on very tender muscles, using the Hyper Release Pro does not cause pain; instead, it often elicits a tickling or relieving sensation.

    Hyper-Release Pro Rapid Release Therapy Device

    Hyper-Release Pro is beneficial for:

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Arthritis
    • Shoulder pain
    • Minor aches and pain
    • Neck pain
    • Back pain
    • Muscle spasms
    • Trapped nerves
    • Adhesions
    • Ankle pain
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Headaches
    • Knee problems
    • IT band syndrome
    • Tennis elbow
    • Temporomandibular joint disorder
    • Stress relief
    • Improved range of motion
    • Sports recovery

    Hyper-Release Pro Rapid Release Therapy Device



    With 3 speeds (6625-7000 rpm), the Hyper-Release Pro is 3-5 times faster than percussion; it generates approximately 120 short strokes per second.

    High-speed vibration therapy rapidly relieves muscle pain and leg cramps, particularly severe pain caused by muscle adhesions and scar tissues. 

    If you're a professional healthcare provider (PT or chiropractor), this will be your ultimate massage tool.

    Hyper-Release Pro Rapid Release Therapy Device


    The Hyper-Release Pro high-speed vibration therapy device is equipped with four integrated targeted treatment heads.

    These include a Flat Head designed for tendons and soft tissues, an Acupoint Tip for small muscle groups, deep tissues, and trigger points, a Soft Silicone Head for comforting sensitive muscle relaxation, and a Buffer Disk for addressing power bands in large muscles across nearly all body parts.

    💿 Buffer Disk - Designed to target large muscle groups and virtually all body parts, this treatment head provides gentle and relaxing vibrations on the same surface as the skin.

    💿 Flat Tip - With its smooth gliding action over the skin or clothing, this treatment head vibrates perpendicular to the skin, making it the preferred choice for most applications. It allows for covering a wide area with more focused energy.

    💿 Acupoint - This treatment head is ideal for penetrating deep into trouble spots, making it perfect for smaller areas requiring targeted attention.

    💿 Soft Tip - Specifically designed for use on more sensitive or tender areas, this treatment head vibrates perpendicular to the skin, ensuring a gentle and comforting experience.


    The Hyper-Release Pro professional massager integrates high-speed and short-stroke features, boasting minimal energy transmission loss.

    This allows it to deliver a significant amount of precision-targeted energy, which proves advantageous for promptly alleviating neck and back muscle soreness and muscle cramps following intense workouts or extended work periods.

    Its lightweight and portable design makes it the perfect selection for physical therapists, physiotherapists, or chiropractic masseurs.


    As vibration frequency increases, it actively facilitates the release of tightness, and disintegration of adherent tissues, promotes cardiac release, and provides partial assistance with scar management.

    Our Hyper-Release Pro goes above and beyond by vibrating at high intervals in small, hard-to-reach, and sensitive areas, including the wrists, ankles, knees, and more.

    Say goodbye to excess "jackhammering" abuse and enjoy precise, tailored relief where you need it most.


    Tailored for professionals, our product boasts an extended battery life, ensuring a single charge can last throughout an entire day of use.


    Hyper-Release Pro is lightweight & portable and with only 540g weight, it is your on-the-go solution for effortless use anytime, anywhere.

    Compact yet powerful, it seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, ensuring convenience without compromising effectiveness.


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