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Hyperbelt™ Thermal Decompression Belt

Hyperbelt™ Thermal Decompression Belt - HALIPAX

Hyperbelt™ Thermal Decompression Belt

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Get Rid Of Back Pain & Stiffness With The Hyperbelt™ Thermal Decompression Belt.

You know the pain, you bend over and suddenly feel a sharp sensation throughout your back, causing agonizing pain, leaving you immobilized and irritated.

Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

Well, that’s where the Hyperbelt™ Thermal Decompression Belt comes in to help.

This medical-grade apparatus uses a handheld pump that elongates the spine, and reduces lower back pain in just minutes, leaving you pain-free and ready to take on the day in front of you!

The Hyperbelt™ Thermal Decompression Belt is made to open up your spine, and give you a way to get comfortable again.

Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt
Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

Hyperbelt™ has incredible lumbar support that provides traction! Hyperbelt™ applies Lumbar Traction (LT), which is the technique only available so far by visiting a specialist! 

Now, you can take the same technology home with you! This technology is both easy-to-use and incredibly effective. 

Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

Hyperbelt quickly and easily loosens tight muscles and gets rid of back pain. It also comes with a heat treatment that is adjustable to sub-low and high temperatures according to your needs.

The belt helps hold your midsection together to help support and stabilize your spine and muscles.

With such support, you will stand taller and straighter, because it helps stop you from slouching. This not only helps improve your posture but also helps reduces the strain and pain on your back.Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt



  • Provides spinal decompression therapy to heal pain naturally

  • Relieves painful pressure naturally for several hours/days after use

  • Stabilizes the lower back for a taller, straighter posture

  • Improves core strength that holds the spine in place and supports a straight & healthy spine

  • Stretches tight muscles to rid of soreness and stiffness

  • Relieves herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, sciatica & other spinal ailments

  • Decompressing the spine allowing for discs to return to normal position.

  • Saves Money On Harmful Pain Killers

  • One Size fits all for both Men & Women

Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt


Decompression of Lower Back Joints & Spinal Discs: The Hyperbelt™ stretches and retracts the lower back as it inflates with air. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs.

Decompression helps relieve pressure off pinched nerves, degenerative, herniated, and bulging discs. Relieving the pressure allows degenerative discs to get the water, oxygen, and nutrients it requires for faster healing.

It allows herniated and bulging discs to return to their normal position and condition.

Reducing the constriction on pinched nerves such as the sciatic nerve helps relieve shooting leg pain and pins and needles.

Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

Lift & Keep Upper Body Weight off Lower Back: The Hyperbelt™ is not just a regular back support belt.

It's used by doctors and back specialists during visits.  When it is inflated, it increases in height by 4 inches (7.5 cm).

The belt cradles the hip and the lower rib cage, it helps lift your upper body, unloading the weight off the lower back and allowing the muscles to relax.  By doing so, The belt helps decrease pressure on your back, stretches tight muscles, and decompresses the discs. 


Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression BeltStabilizes Lower Back & Improves Posture: With aging, regular wear & tear, degenerative and herniated discs, the back can become unstable and the lower back is especially vulnerable to pain caused by poor posture.

The lower back supports the weight of your upper body. When you slouch or slump, your spine is not in proper alignment so your muscles and ligaments strain to keep you balanced. Uneven pressure on the vertebrae leads to wear and tear.

The air columns on Hyperbelt™ will gently re-align the spine by exerting pressure evenly.

Consistent use of a Hyperbelt will allow the spine to return to its natural shape.

Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt


  • Put on the Hyperbelt™ between the lower rib cage and hip. Tighten it using its Velcro till snug.
  • Inflate the pump and optionally connect the USB cable to a power source and turn on the heating mode using a USB cable. For best traction results make sure the air pillars are fully inflated.
  • We recommend wearing the belt initially for 30-60 minutes at the time if no side effects or pain is experienced then usage time can be periodically extended.
  • Remove the pump and when done. That's it!
  • DO NOT wear the belt while sleeping.
  • Before taking off the belt, attach the pump and press the air valve key until the air is out. Make sure the belt is fully deflated, only then, loosen the belt.
Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

    Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

    Whether you stand at work all day or sit at a desk, we know you get back pain. Everybody does. 

    People of all ages and all sizes, from young athletes to seniors, are getting fast, long-lasting back pain relief with The Hyperbelt™.

    Stop complaining about it and do something to fix it! Seriously, everyone needs one of these.

    Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt


    • 1x Hyperbelt™ Thermal Decompression Belt
    • 1x Hand air pump
    • 1x Storage Bag
    • 1x Extension Pad
    • 1x User Manual
    • 1x USB Cable 

    HAVE A PAIN-FREE LIFE!Hyperbelt Thermal Decompression Belt

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