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HALIPAX™ Dual Sensor Smart Posture Corrector

HALIPAX™ Dual Sensor Smart Posture Corrector - HALIPAX

HALIPAX™ Dual Sensor Smart Posture Corrector

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Halipax™ Smart Posture Corrector utilizes intelligent sensor & alarm technology to improve posture and provides support to key body areas to align your neck, shoulders, upper back, and spine.

This device senses poor posture if the user’s back is bent for more than 25 degrees or it is at the wrong angle.

It then sets off a vibrating alarm to remind the user to straighten up and maintain the proper posture.

HALIPAX Smart Posture Corrector



A smart vibrating “reminder” prevents slouching and encourages to keep a proper posture. If your back is bent more than 25 degrees, it will automatically remind you to correct your posture with a vibration alert.


The corrector's smart feature calibrates and records your correct posture upon startup. This will be used as a  guide and basis for the corrector alarm.


With its figure-eight shape design, It eliminates neck, shoulder, and back discomfort, realigns your spine, reconfigures your posture, and lets you enjoy a pain-free standing and sitting position.


The angle sensor immediately senses changes in body angle and reminds you to maintain the right angle.

HALIPAX Smart Posture Corrector


Made with durable, comfortable, soft, highly elastic, and breathable fabric.

The straps are adjustable and the brace is unisex. It can be worn comfortably under and over your clothes.


The 400mA large-capacity battery can be used for a long time. It can continuously correct your posture and requires no additional maintenance. Charge for 2 hours for a full battery and lasts for 15 days.


  • Intelligent technology will help you correct body posture by creating healthy habits that will help you avoid back pain, neck pain, cervical tension headache, and muscle injuries.

  • With the Intelligent Posture Correction Reminder, you're prompted to actively correct your slouch. When you slump, the integrated sensor detects slouching and vibrates to remind you to sit or stand up straight. It makes it easy for you to develop better posture over time for long-term results.

  • With its smart record tracking reminder, when you wear it, just press the button and the device will start tracking your bad posture and remind you in time.

  • The posture corrector is easy to put on by yourself. The straps are adjustable and the brace is unisex.

  • Unlike many other related products, the device actively reminds the user to straighten their back and body with a gentle vibration. Once the user has put the device on for the first time and adjusted it correctly, the device will calibrate itself to the user’s specific body type.

  • For parents, it is a worrying problem for children to develop a bad sitting and standing position habits. This makes the device a perfect solution for kids & teenagers.

  • It will help you keep your back straight and your shoulders firm so you have excellent body posture during work. This way you will learn to create healthy habits that will benefit the health of your back and neck.

HALIPAX Smart Posture Corrector


1. First, adjust the strap to the appropriate length.

2. Switch on the device and then stand or sit up.

3. After 4 seconds, the correction device will vibrate.

4. Now, record your correct posture.

5. When you slouch, vibrations will remind you to straighten up.

6. Remind you to raise your chest by shaking.



HALIPAX Smart Posture Corrector


  • 1x Halipax™ Smart Posture Corrector
  • 1x Carrying Sleeve
  • 1x  USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Users Manual


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