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HYPERBLADE™ Myofascial Release Therapy Device

HYPERBLADE™ Myofascial Release Therapy Device - HALIPAX

HYPERBLADE™ Myofascial Release Therapy Device

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Hyperblade is the revolutionary state-of-the-art recovery tool that uses Micro vibration to accelerate muscle relaxation and promote the growth of muscle fibers and also emits Microcurrent NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) throughout the muscle to reduce the build-up of lactic acid preventing muscle soreness and stiffness.

It is also used by patients to stimulate inactive muscles and to help prevent muscle atrophy.

Hyperblade's NMES feature makes an ideal Travel Aid used to stimulate blood circulation in the legs in order to help prevent the onset of thrombosis in people who are traveling and seated for long periods.

Driven by scientific research this well-designed, powerful device is everything you need for a fast recovery to treat everything from everyday soreness to chronic muscle pain.

Hyperblade is using the technology that is widely used worldwide by Beauty Professionals, Astronauts, Competitive Sports Fitness Trainers, Weight loss, and Body shaping Specialists.

With its unique dual functionality and versatility, Hyperblade is by far the best and most effective myofascial release tool on the market today.


In comparison with the traditional fascia gun, which only acts on the epidermal tissue, Hyperblade directly targets deep muscle tissues and the motor nerves inside them, creating more neuromuscular efficiency and control to improve your overall sports health and recovery.


Before Work-out (Injury Prevention) 

Micro Vibration before sports training accelerates muscle relaxation, increases blood circulation, enhances a range of motion, and prevents injuries.

Use Hyperblade to Warm-up and Activate

  • Warm-up before exercise
  • Prep for stretches
  • Engage and relax muscles
  • Improve range of motion & flexibility

      After Work-out (Muscle Pain Relief & Recovery)

      Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) acts on the deepest muscle tissues reducing accumulated lactic acid and preventing muscle soreness and inflammation.

      Use Hyperblade for Relief, Recovery, and Relaxation

      • Soothe sore muscles
      • Relieve muscle fatigue, spasm, and stiffness
      • Repair damaged muscle tissues
      • Increases circulation and blood flow
      • Increases the growth of muscle fibers



      Hyperblade uses Micro vibration to stimulate your muscles directly and make them contract and relax faster. It accelerates muscle relaxation, increases blood circulation, enhances a range of motions, and prevents injuries.

      While Microcurrent (NMES) sends low-level electrical currents into your skin and fat layers, so it stimulates the deeper muscle tissues and the motor nerves inside them effectively, reducing accumulated lactic acid and preventing muscle atrophy and soreness.


      While most massage implements use a ball or hammer shape to press down on sore muscles, Hyperblade's ergonomic convex-concave design molds perfectly to any part of your body allowing you to press directly onto the muscle and get at those hard to reach places so you can easily get the level of relief you would normally receive from a professional therapist.


      Hyperblade is engineered to provide a whisper-quiet, noise-free massage so that you can relax and enjoy the quiet massage experience.

      The powerful motor provides the perfect massage for all areas of your body without stalling.

      It stimulates deep muscle relaxation to improve your overall wellbeing.


      Hyperblade has three adjustable levels of intensity allowing you to customize your recovery process. Making it a truly effective and personal treatment experience.

      The intensity of the current and vibration increases with a touch to combat even the most severe levels of pain!


      The curved blade design creates heat through friction and increases the temperature of the massaged area.

      It accelerates blood circulation allowing more nutrients and oxygen to be delivered directly to damaged tissue and stimulates the muscle to recover faster and more effectively.


      Hyperblade is designed to be portable, cordless, and lightweight. It easily fits into your pocket or any small bag making it the ideal instrument for on-the-go treatment anywhere, anytime. 


      Hyperblade comes with a large capacity built-in 1100MAH USB rechargeable polymer lithium battery and lasts for 14 days per 30 minutes use a day or 7 hours continuously.


      Hyperblade has a built-in state-of-the-art Smart Sensor Technology designed to automatically find trigger points sore spots in your muscles that might feel like knots.

      These are usually the most commonly missed diagnosis points in chronic pain treatment.

      When using the Hyperblade, the electric stimulation feature allows you to easily find and tackle those sore points.


      • Microcurrent + Micro vibration Technology All in One
      • Effectively relieves muscle tension and reduces muscle recovery time
      • Relives Myofascial Pain Syndrome
      • Accelerates warm-up time, Improves range of motion and flexibility
      • Clears the muscles of lactic acid build-ups
      • Deep Shaping | Massage | Fat Reduction
      • Breaks down scar tissue
      • Automatically finding the acupoints (Myofascial Trigger Points) of the human body
      • Massage & Acupuncture at the same time
      • Perfect for treatment and relief of muscle fatigue, injuries such as tight shoulders, carpal tunnel, bursitis, shin splints, bicep tendonitis, tennis elbow, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, and much much more...
      • Lightweight, Portable, Cordless, and Extremely Quiet
      • Rechargeable with the USB Type-C quick charging



      • Before using Hyperblade we recommended applying an essential oil, massage oil, or just water on the target areas in order to achieve the maximum benefits.
      • Adjust your grip to make full contact with the handle's smart sensor.
      • PRESS and HOLD the power button for 3 seconds.
      • After the beeping sound, the device will boot up and the power indicator turns RED.
      • SHORT PRESS the operation key ONCE every time you need to change the intensity level.
      • A beeping sound after each SHORT PRESS following BLUE light indicates changing the Intensity level.
      • Apply pressure and glide the blade BACK and FORTH to massage the desired area. Use different parts of the blade on specific areas.
      • PRESS and HOLD the power button for 3 seconds to turn the device OFF. The device will automatically turn OFF when idle for more than 60 seconds.



      Size: 5.74″ x 4.17″ x  1.2″ in (14.6 x 10.6 x 3 cm)

      Weight: 1/2 lbs.  (227g)

      Input Voltage: 3.7V

      Battery Type: 1100mAH Polymer Lithium 

      Working time: 4-6 hours continuous use | 14 days 30 minutes use a day


      • Hyperblade H1 Myofascial Massage Device
      • USB Type-C Charging Cable
      • Refillable Spray Bottle
      • Carry Case
      • User's Guide


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