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    HALIPAX™ Perfect Spinal Back Support Set

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    Halipax Perfect Spinal Back Support Set turns any chair into an ergonomic chair.

    Over one thousand spines were measured to determine the perfect curvature so that everyone can use this backrest and receive the best results.

    This backrest is perfect for your office chair, your favorite reading chair, and your car.

    This revolutionary ergonomic backrest is designed to support the spine's natural curve for better circulation and maximum comfort. Reduces muscle tension and pressure in spinal joints and discs.

    It also helps train your body's muscle memory to sit, stand, and walk with your back aligned correctly.

    Improving your posture can improve your breathing and circulation keeping you healthy. The back is ventilated too so that your back can breathe and sweat does not build up.

    Not only does this backrest align your back, but it massages it too. There are sixteen massaging nubs on the support that are lined up with your pressure points.

    This can provide an acupressure massage to help relieve stress and tension.

    It also helps stretch your spine when you lie down. Just set the device on the ground or bed and gently lay down onto it. Raise your hands above your head and feel the stretch!

    Our Backrest also comes with a sitting cushion to correct the position of the buttocks to achieve the 1+1>2 effect. 

    If your backrest gets dirty, it is easy to clean up. Simply use warm water and soap to wipe it down.


    • Aligns Neck, Shoulders, and Back for Proper Posture

    • Massage Nubs Relieve Stress and Pressure as Needed

    • Engineered with 16 acupressure knobs that soothe sore muscles
    • Helps Stretch Your Spine

    • Aids in the prevention and relief of back pain and fatigue

    • Provides therapy while you sit and while you work

    • Fits on any seats 

    • Easy to mount with the elastic mounting band 

    • Comfortable & Breathable

    • The composite material is extremely durable and virtually unbreakable

    • One size fits most


    • 1x Halipax Perfect Spinal Back Support Set
    • 1x User's Manual

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